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#ifndef __PL_MD5_HH__
#define __PL_MD5_HH__

// This pipeline sends its output to its successor unmodified.  After
// calling finish, the MD5 checksum of the data that passed through
// the pipeline is available.

// This pipeline is reusable; i.e., it is safe to call write() after
// calling finish().  The first call to write() after a call to
// finish() initializes a new MD5 object.

#include <qpdf/Pipeline.hh>
#include <qpdf/MD5.hh>

class Pl_MD5: public Pipeline
    Pl_MD5(char const* identifier, Pipeline* next);
    virtual ~Pl_MD5();
    virtual void write(unsigned char*, int);
    virtual void finish();
    std::string getHexDigest();

    bool in_progress;
    MD5 md5;

#endif // __PL_MD5_HH__

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