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// This is a C++ wrapper class around Philip Hazel's perl-compatible
// regular expressions library.

#ifndef __PCRE_HH__
#define __PCRE_HH__

#include <pcre.h>
#include <string>

#include <qpdf/QEXC.hh>

// Note: this class does not encapsulate all features of the PCRE
// package -- only those that I actually need right now are here.

class PCRE
    class Exception: public QEXC::General
      Exception(std::string const& message);
      virtual ~Exception() throw() {}

    // This is thrown when an attempt is made to access a non-existent
    // back reference.
    class NoBackref: public Exception
      virtual ~NoBackref() throw() {}

    class Match
      friend class PCRE;
      Match(int nbackrefs, char const* subject);
      Match(Match const&);
      Match& operator=(Match const&);
      operator bool();

      // All the back reference accessing routines may throw the
      // special exception NoBackref (derived from Exception) if the
      // back reference does not exist.  Exception will be thrown
      // for other error conditions.  This allows callers to trap
      // this condition explicitly when they care about the
      // difference between a backreference matching an empty string
      // and not matching at all.

      // see getMatch flags below
      std::string getMatch(int n, int flags = 0)
          throw(QEXC::General, Exception);
      void getOffsetLength(int n, int& offset, int& length) throw(Exception);
      int getOffset(int n) throw(Exception);
      int getLength(int n) throw(Exception);

      // nMatches returns the number of available matches including
      // match 0 which is the whole string.  In other words, if you
      // have one backreference in your expression and the
      // expression matches, nMatches() will return 2, getMatch(0)
      // will return the whole string, getMatch(1) will return the
      // text that matched the backreference, and getMatch(2) will
      // throw an exception because it is out of range.
      int nMatches() const;

      // Flags for getMatch

      // getMatch on a substring that didn't match should return
      // empty string instead of throwing an exception
      static int const gm_no_substring_returns_empty = (1 << 0);

      void init(int nmatches, int nbackrefs, char const* subject);
      void copy(Match const&);
      void destroy();

      int nbackrefs;
      char const* subject;
      int* ovector;
      int ovecsize;
      int nmatches;

    // The value passed in as options is passed to pcre_exec.  See man
    // pcreapi for details.
    PCRE(char const* pattern, int options = 0) throw(Exception);

    Match match(char const* subject, int options = 0, int startoffset = 0,
            int size = -1)
      throw(QEXC::General, Exception);

    static void test(int n = 0);

    // prohibit copying and assignment
    PCRE(PCRE const&);
    PCRE& operator=(PCRE const&);

    pcre* code;
    int nbackrefs;

#endif // __PCRE_HH__

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